Joshua Ribera also known as Depzman, part of Birmingham’s rap group, Invasion Alert was tragically murdered on September 21st 2013. Depz was stabbed in the heart and after hours of trying to be saved by paramedics, he lost his life. The stabbing happened at a fundraiser in memory of his friend Kyle Sheehan, who was stabbed and killed exactly one year before. 

Depzman was a truly talented young man and he will never be forgotten.

He, along with the rest of Invasion Alert performed at the Birmingham leg of the Champions Tour and the crowd went wild! Depz had a lot in store for him, he recently performed with Skepta and had a huge fan base.

Our hearts go out to Josh’s family, friends, supporters and Invasion Alert. We are truly sorry for your loss.

For more information on what happened to Depzman please visit: Birmingham Mail

Watch how talented Depzman was here with his performance with Invasion Alert at the Champions Tour!